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The Fundamentals of 401(k) Plans

  • Retirement plans can be confusing - in this section, we help demystify the industry.

  • Learn how 401(k)s work and different contribution types.

  • Find out how retirement plans are priced and what you can expect to pay.

Different Types of 401(k) Plans

  • What are the different plan types you can offer for retirement?

  • What is non-discrimination testing, and how might it affect me?

  • How does a 403(b) work, and who qualifies?

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The Human Interest Learning Center: Your new hub for financial wellness 

We heard you! Human Interest exists to make it easier to start offering a 401(k)—but that’s not all. We know that having access to a way to save for retirement is necessary but not sufficient to get people on their way to a financially secure future.  That’s why we’re responding to the requests from our customers to offer additional resources that can help make it easy for their employees to sav...

PEP vs. 401(k): Which Is a Better Deal for Small Businesses?

PEPs vs. 401(k)s: What small businesses need to know  Designed to make it easier for smaller businesses to offer a retirement plan to their employees, as of January 1st, 2021, pooled employer plans (PEPs) are a new retirement plan option available from a limited number of pooled plan providers (PPPs). This article also compares PEPs vs. 401(k)s and other retirement plan options. PEPs were establ...

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