401(k) retirement plans for restaurants

Help your team prepare for retirement with a 401(k) plan.

Get a customized retirement plan for both full-time and part-time food and beverage industry employees.

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Plans built for restaurant owners

Focus on running your restaurant. Not your 401(k) plan.

Customizable 401(k) plans. Flexible plan design allows you to set eligibility and add employer match options.

Comprehensive payroll integration. We integrate with more than 400+ payroll providers.

Drive employee loyalty. A Human Interest study found that a retirement plan is the most-wanted benefit, after health insurance.1

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Give your employees the retirement benefit they deserve.

Sign up in minutes. Employees can sign up online—or on their phones—in less than five minutes.

Flexible investment options. Employees can choose model portfolios that automatically rebalance—or build their own lineup.

Built-in education. Enrollment webinars and online resources help your team get the most from plans.

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We simplify administrative and regulatory compliance.

Experts at Human Interest can make restaurant retirement plan
recordkeeping and compliance easier.

In-house recordkeeping

Automated plan administration tracks participation, contributions, distributions, and more.

Regulatory support

We reduce fiduciary liability by preparing select government filings. And for some clients, we sign and file the Form 5500.2

On-demand reporting

Get a 360-degree view of your plan, access reports, and see which employees have joined.

Plan compliance & training

Don’t stress about IRS testing and regulatory deadlines. We’ll help handle them for you.

A 401(k) may be more affordable than you think.

Human Interest plans come with transparent pricing—and zero transaction fees.

Monthly pricing starting at only:


base fee


per eligible employee

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Employee fee: In the event that the plan sponsor elects to use Human Interest Advisors’ advisory services, an advisory Fee of 0.50% of plan assets per year is billed to the plan and allocated to the employee’s account. In addition, employees pay underlying fund fees. If the plan sponsor wants to bring in a third-party advisor, the third-party advisor fee would be defined as part of a separate agreement. For more information, please see our pricing page.

The SMB 401(k) with the most payroll integrations3

Help take the burden off your HR team. We sync with 450+ payrolls to help streamline administrative tasks.

Having Sexy Pizza provide access to a 401(k) plan made a big difference in deciding where I wanted to work. Most employers don't offer this benefit, so having it makes me feel valued as an employee, and that Sexy Pizza truly cares about my long-term financial security and well-being.

Jacob Wyatt

Shift Lead at Sexy Pizza

Human Interest solicited clients for testimonials. Active solicitation may make a customer more likely to portray Human Interest favorably. Testimonials are unique to an individual, may not be representative of the experience of others, and past success does not guarantee future results.

Maximize tax savings for your restaurant

Earn up to $5,000 per year in tax credits when you set up a 401(k).

Restaurant owners may be eligible for tax credits of up to $5,000/year for three years for setting up a new 401(k) + $500/year for three years for setting up auto-enrollment.4

Calculate the cost of starting a 401(k)

Clear, affordable pricing

Customized 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans start at $120 per month + $4 per employee per month.

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401(k) resources
for restaurant owners

401(k) for restaurants

How retirement plans can help your restaurant, bar, or quick-service establishment. 

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Starting a 401(k) plan

Discover how small business owners can start and manage a 401(k) plan, boosting savings and attracting talent.

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Integrating payroll with 401(k)

Save time and reduce headaches by integrating your payroll & 401(k).

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401(k) for restaurants
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401(k) plans are the most-wanted benefit after health insurance. Human Interest, 2022. https://humaninterest.com/learn/guides/retirement-roadblocks/


We prepare select government filings (e.g., the Form 5500). Signing on behalf of customer reserved for Concierge & Complete pricing plans.


Human Interest, 2022.


Retirement Plans Startup Costs Tax Credit. IRS.gov. https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/retirement-plans-startup-costs-tax-credit


Data, including ranges provided for the Individual and Plan Fees table, based on Human Interest competitive analysis conducted between 2021 and 2022 using 408(b)(2) fee disclosures provided from 554 plans covering various plan service providers. Actual fee amounts and types of fees charged by any provider will vary. Not all providers will charge all fees listed. Information is subject to change.