The 10 Best HR Resources and Websites

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To support your strategic HR goals for the next year (and to help prevent information overload), we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best HR Resources and Websites to help you meet your people and HR needs in the New Year.

If you like to hold HR information in your hands, as well as view it online

There are still some excellent print publications that will help every Luddite (like me) enjoy tactile reading experiences:

  • Human Resource Executive: Delivering content about strategic HR issues that’s directed at HR decision-makers (vice presidents and directors) is the focus of this publication. Stories cover all areas of HR, including everything from benefits to healthcare, to retirement planning and employment law.

  • HR Magazine: In the pages of this magazine published by SHRM, you’ll find news, features and thought-provoking analysis of HR topics. The information is relevant to HR professionals of every level. Of particular interest are the member highlights which provide real-life examples of how HR pros are getting the job done across a variety of industries. If you’re looking for tactical insight and advice, this is a great source.  

  • Workforce: This publication covers all the topics where people management and business strategy intersect—from workplace environment, to legal issues, and benefits practices. Information geared toward strategic, big-picture views and results.

If you want resources and peers with whom you can share ideas

Thanks to the number of HR professionals on Twitter, there’s a strong network of potential peers in Twitter chats. (A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around a unique hashtag that allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it.) Just as you might have a “hallway conversation” with a peer in a larger HR organization, these online discussions are a great way to ask questions and offer input about the day-to-day tactics that help HR pros be effective in their role.

I regularly join the following HR-related Twitter chats, and always come away feeling engaged and inspired about the world of HR:

If you need HR strategy or work in a larger organization

  • Fistful of Talent: Focused on a general HR practices (including Good and Bad HR), recruiting, performance, and learning, the HR experts that write for Fistful of Talent bring a depth of experience and insight into their examination of HR topics. Kris Dunn manages the Fistful of Talent, and says he has “assembled an opinionated group of pros from Recruiting practices, HR shops and consulting firms across the nation.  The center of the conversation is talent – which includes recruiting as well as everything you do with the talent once you’ve got it in the door.”

  • Bersin by Deloitte:  Josh Bersin and his team have a wealth of information related to everything under the HR umbrella. They are at the forefront of HR thought leadership and regularly conduct research that is of use to anyone in the HR space. Depending on your needs, start by checking out one of the eight (yes, eight) blogs on their site: Business of Talent; Talent Magnetism; Leadership Drives Business; HRevolution; Learning on the Leading Edge; People Analytics; Planning for Performance; and, Technology for Talent.

If you’re an HR Department of One looking for relevant insights

  • SHRM’s HR News: This “one-stop shop” is updated daily by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is a great place to track the latest HR news and articles. The page compiles staff-written as well as external news that relates to all disciplines of HR. You’ll find the latest about everything related to California HR topics, labor and employment, organizational development, as well as world news and events that impact the world of HR.

  • Human Interest: On the Human Interest Learning Center you’ll always find relevant, timely information about HR, benefit packages, and payroll. The team at Human Interest works diligently to gather input and insight from experts from a variety of industries so they can provide you with the best information possible.

Whether it’s a print publication, Twitter chat, or online content, we recommend gathering information from a variety of sources to ensure you make the best HR decisions for your business in 2022 and beyond!

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