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We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses in countless industries start on the path to a more secure financial future.

From Alaska to Florida, companies all across the United States trust Human Interest to set up the retirement plan that’s right for them.

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Serving hundreds
of companies

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries: from restaurants and law firms to startups and clothing companies and everything in between.

Small business clients

Startup clients

Why clients love
Human Interest

Louise Hern
Office Manager & Culture Maven,
Sir Kensington’s

“We are over-the-moon happy with our experience with the Human Interest team. We started using Human Interest at the end of May, and the transition was incredibly seamless. Our account manager walked us through the entire process. As part of the onboarding, she created a deck that explained how a 401(k) works. She presented it to our team and held an info session to answer any questions we had. It’s one of the few systems in our office that I don’t have to check in on a weekly basis to ensure it’s working properly.”

Alicia Dearn
Founder, Bellatrix PC

“Moving to Human Interest has been a delightful process compared to the other 401k administrators that I’ve worked with. Had it not been for your company, I would have simply canceled my plan in 2017.”

Rich Powell
Owner, TeKu Tavern

“My experience with Human Interest has been excellent. They made setting up and managing a 401K plan a breeze. Since their pricing is so much lower than typical providers, we are able to offer a benefit to our employees that’s not often found in our industry.”

Justin Liu
Co-founder & COO,

“Human Interest is the easiest and fastest way for startups to offer a retirement plan to their employees. Our small team doesn’t have an HR expert in-house, and Human Interest answered all of our questions about compliance and helped us set up our safe harbor 401(k). Not only did they complete all of the upfront setup for us, Human Interest takes care of on-going administrative tasks and syncing with our payroll system.”

Amy Ludke
Finance Manager,

“Our forecast for the organization always included incorporating a 401k plan for our employees. We wanted a plan that was simple, easy to manage, easy to interpret for employees, and reasonably priced. Human Interest met all of the above, and even exceeded our expectations. They are friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive. My favorite thing about Human Interest is their concern and care for the customer. It is reassuring to know that if I have a question, I receive a response immediately which is helpful when employees need information right away. Investing money long term is important to our employees and I am happy to say that Human Interest has made investing easy for them! Thank you!”

Deepak Shrivastava
Founder, Porter & Sail

“As a co-founder of an early stage venture, I thought we were years away from implementing a 401(k) program for our staff. Human Interest proved me wrong — they’ve been a critical part of our benefits package and a wonderful addition to our recruiting and retention efforts. Moreover, the set-up process was seamless, the costs nominal, and the service impeccable.”

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