CloudTrucks helps truck drivers earn more money.

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CloudTrucks is on a mission to empower independent truck drivers to earn more money with fewer headaches. During 2020, a year we’ve all come to depend on door-to-door delivery more than ever, that mission became all the more urgent. CloudTrucks needed to move fast to support the needs of truckers at such a time and it rose to the challenge. The startup’s team successfully launched its core app, and then introduced two new products—all in the middle of a pandemic.

To move at such a pace, CloudTrucks needed to attract and retain the best talent, but without the luxury of a big recruitment or HR team. That’s where Human Interest came in. Our easy-to-set-up retirement plans allowed CloudTrucks to offer an extremely competitive benefit to attract and retain employees, with minimal effort.

“Our team had to be incredibly focused to achieve what we achieved this year. We couldn’t be distracted with all the administrative aspects of running a small business. Being able to launch a great benefits package and then not give it a second thought was just what we needed. It allowed us to focus on what mattered - shipping products that our truckers really needed and that allowed us to play a small role in keeping goods moving across America at a difficult time,” says Alison Hunter, Head of People Operations at CloudTrucks.

Thanks to its rapid innovation and momentum, CloudTrucks capped 2020 with a $20.5M Series A funding.

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