Competitive benefits lead to award-winning work for Torch Media.

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Building a creative agency is not easy. Managing client expectations, meeting production deadlines, keeping your team motivated, and running the business say agency owners are multi-taskers is an understatement. Add in a pandemic the role is even more challenging. For Torch Media, a visual communication agency, the solution was to lean into the challenge. 

When lockdown rules were announced, Torch Media had to find a way to keep delivering for its clients. So founder Matt Silton and team launched a whole set of new video production services especially designed for an era of social distancing. From remote live streaming and animation to coaching clients through DIY productions, Torch was able to ensure the show went on regardless of the unprecedented circumstances. 

Silton credits Torch’s ability to pivot to its team of talented producers, writers, and editors. As all agency owners will attest, hiring top talent and then cultivating an environment where they can do their best work are both critical. That’s where Torch’s benefits program came in. Torch decided to introduce a 401(k) plan from Human Interest, with a highly competitive 6% match, with flexible options, for example, employees can choose a Roth or a traditional plan. All employees are immediately eligible and 100% of employees participate in the plan with the assist from Human Interest’s auto-enrollment feature. What’s more, because of a no-touch integration with Torch’s payroll provider, Gusto, the plan was seamless to set up, allowing Matt to focus on his team and clients rather than on administration.

“In our industry, having the best talent is everything, but it’s often hard for smaller, younger agencies to compete with the largest players for staff. Human Interest allowed us to level the playing field. Now we offer extremely competitive benefits as well as all the perks of a smaller agency like a vibrant culture and lots of hands-on experience. I firmly believe this plays a role in us being able to deliver great work for our clients.”

As it turns out, the team more than delivered. Its new services resulted in difference-making work, including content for Colorado’s ‘Step Up’ public health campaign and production of the Denver Democracy Summit. Torch even won its first industry award, a coveted Fourteener award from The Marketing Alliance. Torch’s latest year is a testament to what happens when an agency is able to focus on its people.

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