For Sexy Pizza, a 401(k) is part of the mission.

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Sexy Pizza, based in Denver, CO, is not your run-of-the-mill pizza joint. Founded in 2008 with a mission to combine great food with community engagement, Sexy Pizza is more like a movement than a restaurant. From its launch in 2008, the team has been actively engaged in philanthropy and the arts, donating a percentage of its proceeds to projects that support and advocate for those with disabilities, survivors of abuse, and underprivileged youth. It is a fierce supporter of efforts to end local homelessness and its locations are gathering spots for artists and entrepreneurs wanting to collaborate on community initiatives.

For Sexy Pizza’s owners, Kyle Peters and Kayvan Khalatbari, community begins with the employees. The pair pride themselves on offering one of the best benefits packages in the city, including fully compensated health, dental, and vision insurance, free mental health services, 401(k) retirement plan match, PTO, home purchase assistance, and more. Having worked his entire career in the restaurant business, Kyle had never been offered a 401(k) before. Here’s a rundown of their benefits package, built on the ethos: Taking care of employees is sexy.

Sexy Pizza - Taking care of employees is sexy

Most plan providers don’t cater to the needs of small businesses like Sexy Pizza. In Human Interest, however, Kyle encountered a different approach. Our plans are designed specifically for small businesses and are affordable, flexible, and easy to set up. Sexy Pizza was able to roll out 401(k)s, with 4% matches, to every one of its employees within 60 days.

“Our business is as much about great people as it is about great pizza,” says Kyle Peters, founder. “We are lucky to have a team that is as passionate about our mission as we are and we want to keep it that way. We couldn’t do it without being able to provide them with financial security and peace of mind.”

In 2020, amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, Sexy Pizza took its commitment to its team a step further and became an employee-owned company. The move had long been part of Kyle and Kayvan’s vision of financial security for all employees and an extension of its unique benefits packages. In a year when many restaurant workers had the rug pulled out from under their feet, Sexy Pizza chose to give its staff an even firmer financial footing. The decision allowed its team to focus on safely delivering great food to customers throughout the pandemic.

Congratulations, Sexy Pizza, on all you’ve accomplished!

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