Solicitor Disclosure Statement and Acknowledgement:

LAST UPDATED 07/01/2021


The following information is provided to potential Plan clients (“Plan Clients”) introduced to Human Interest Inc. and Human Interest Advisors (together, “Human Interest”) by a Referring Partner.

The Referring Partner has a relationship with Human Interest and may be compensated if you hire Human Interest. The Referring Partner and its representatives are not affiliated with or employed by Human Interest.

Compensation. If Human Interest is hired by a Plan Client, the Referring Partner receives fees that are a percentage of Human Interest’s recordkeeping and administrative fees (“Referral Fees”). Human Interest provides the Referring Partner and/or its representatives with one-time incentives, in the form of Gift Cards, in amounts up to $500, for introductions to potential Plan Clients. The cost of incentives and Referral Fees will be paid directly by Human Interest and will not be charged to any of Human Interest’s Plan Clients.

Conflicts of Interest. The Referring Partner, in introducing and/or recommending Human Interest, has a potential conflict of interest with regard to both its relationship with Human Interest and with regard to the Referral Fees and/or incentives that the Referring Partner and/or its representatives receives in connection with making introductions and/or recommendations. The Referring Partner and Human Interest participate in an integrated platform for employers that enables the sharing of employee/participant information for payroll and employee benefit plan processing.