FAQs: Impact of bank closures on Human Interest and our customers

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Following the unfortunate news about the recent closing of several banks we want to update our customers on the state of our retirement plan assets and Human Interest operations.

Is Human Interest affected by the closing of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, or First Republic Bank?

No. We do not anticipate that the closure of these banks will have a material impact on Human Interest or its operations. Human Interest does not have accounts at Signature Bank or First Republic Bank. Human Interest does have accounts at Silicon Valley Bank, but the amounts held in the accounts are not meaningful to Human Interest’s operations.

What If I use one of these banks to process employer contributions and plan administration fees?

If you use one of these banks to fund your Human Interest account, you may need to transfer banking services in order to cover forthcoming ACH transfers. Refer to our support center article on how to update or change your banking information.

What happens if we do not provide a valid bank account by our next payroll?

Human Interest has a standard process in place to address ACH transfer failures when they occur. If your ACH fails, we will reverse the transactions, and pause future contributions until your connected bank account clears, either with a new or existing account. 

Are any plan or participant funds held at Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, or First Republic Bank?

No. Plan and Participant funds are held at Matrix Trust, which is an unrelated financial institution. Plan and Participant funds are not affected by the closure of these banks.

Is my payroll provider impacted by these bank closures? 

Some payroll providers may use these banks to process payroll. Human Interest is unable to view or verify the banking operations of your payroll provider and you will need to contact them directly for clarification. 

More information?

For the latest information, refer to the FDIC website for Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, or First Republic Bank

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