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401(k) plans for small business owners.

You can get a customized, full-service 401(k) plan for $120 per month + $4 per employee per month.

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Focus on running your business. Not your 401(k) plan.

Reduce manual work: Integration with 400+ payroll providers streamlines essential tasks.1

Easy to start, easy to use: Admin dashboards provide insight into plan participation, reporting, and more. 

Automate administration: Recordkeeping, compliance, and select fiduciary services—all included.

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A 401(k) is the most-wanted benefit, after health insurance2

Start your 401(k) in a few easy steps

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Get an affordable, full-service 401(k). Trusted by 15,000+ SMBs.

Customize your plan: Flexible plan design—including matching and vesting options—to meet your needs.

Remain compliant: Human Interest can act as your 3(16) fiduciary to limit liability. 

Ongoing support: Dedicated account managers oversee your set-up process and can support your plan.

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Give your employees the 401(k) they deserve.

Easy onboarding: Employees can sign up in minutes—no paperwork, no confusion.

Easy-to-navigate dashboard: Employees can quickly check balances and update preferences. 

Built-in education: Enrollment webinars and online resources help employees get the most from plans.

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A 401(k) may be more affordable than you think.

Human Interest plans come with transparent pricing—and zero transaction fees.

Monthly pricing starting at only:


base fee


per eligible employee

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For information about Human Interest’s pricing, please refer to our pricing page, which describes the fees charged for administrative and advisory services. Fees for investment advisory services are billed according to the Terms of Service. A one-time setup fee of $499 may apply. Fees are typically up to 0.50% annually and include custody fees. Underlying mutual fund fees will also be charged. In the event that the plan sponsor wants to bring in a third-party advisor, the third-party advisor fee would be defined as part of a separate agreement.

Maximize Tax Savings For Your Business

A 401(k) may mean additional tax credits for small business employers.

Employers may be eligible for tax credits of up to $5,000/year for three years for setting up a new 401(k) + $500/year for three years for setting up auto-enrollment.3

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Start your 401(k) in a few easy steps


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Refer to for a list of integrated payroll providers.


401(k) plans are the most-wanted benefit after health insurance. Human Interest, 2022.


Retirement Plans Startup Costs Tax Credit.