Human Interest makes it easy to offer a low-cost, online 403(b) at your nonprofit.

403(b)s aren’t expensive anymore

We’re a 403(b) provider with affordable, transparent pricing and proudly operate as a fiduciary, i.e., we operate with your best interests in mind. We don’t have hidden fees and do not accept kickbacks. We offer a retirement savings plan for less than the cost of a single employee’s health insurance.

What do employers pay?

$120 per month base fee + $4 per employee per month.

What do employees pay?

0.50% of account balance per year + 0.07% average fund fees.

With Human Interest, you get a 403(b) with…

Easy Setup and Administration

Our plans are easy to start and even easier to use. Sign up online in just a few minutes.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Our plans have transparent pricing: $120 per month + $4 per eligible employee, and a $499 setup fee.

Automated Features

Take the hassle out of running a plan: Administrative aspects, like enrollment, payroll sync,* and compliance are streamlined or automated.

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated account management team will oversee the setup process and support plan administrator as well as employees.

Unbiased Investment Advice

Get investment advice with personalized features using our SEC-Registered Investment Adviser** that acts as a fiduciary, or opt to choose and manage your own funds.

High-Quality Investment Options

Our 403(b) comes with low-cost Vanguard index funds from every major asset class and risk category. Human Interest does not accept kickbacks.

*We integrate with more than 15 leading payroll providers to help eliminate the time-consuming and manual work of managing your 403(b).

**Investment advisory services are provided by Human Interest Advisors LLC, an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser.

Sign up

Complete company registration and other preliminary steps, such as establish an ACH connection to payroll.

Customize your plan

Work with your implementation manager to design your company’s plan, review and sign IRS plan documents, as well as review and approve census data.

Employees launch individual Human Interest accounts

Human Interest emails employees prompting them to sign up. We sent information to help employees learn about the plan, check balances, set up contributions, initiate rollovers, and use our built-in investing.

Ongoing support

Reach us by phone or email for support. Your dedicated account management team will be there to support you along the way, including setup and with every employee change.

In just a few minutes, you can offer a 401(k) plan to your employees

We believe that everyone deserves access to a secure financial future

That’s why we make it easy to provide a 403(b) at your nonprofit. You and your staff consistently go above and beyond. You deserve a retirement savings plan that does, too.

We are proud to serve more than 2,000 organizations across America, including schools, associations, cultural and advocacy groups, religious organizations, care and social welfare agencies, nonprofits in conservation and social justice, and more.

Rest assured that we have your financial security and privacy top of mind

We offer bank-level security and encryption to protect data transfers from unauthorized access. We use state-of-the-art password hashing and encryption to protect personally identifiable information and will never sell your data to anyone.