$120 a month + $4 per employee / month

We are a low-cost, high-service 401(k) provider. For perspective, we can help you offer a retirement savings plan for your entire company for less than the cost of a single employee’s health insurance!

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per month




per employee

Get StartedOne-time setup fee of $499 may apply.

Automated administration

Full product features for admins and participants

Full HR & compliance services

Award-winning investment strategy

HR & compliance services

IRS Form 5500 and plan document preparation and filing

Participant disclosures, QDIA, and annual plan notifications

Full account support & customization

Dedicated account manager

Flexible plan design and options: safe harbor, profit-sharing, Roth & Traditional, 403(b), vesting, automatic enrollment, eligibility, discretionary match, etc.

Seamless conversion process for existing 401(k) plans





each year




average fund fees

Get StartedCompared to 1.89% average for small 401(k) plans. Source: 401(k) Averages Book, 18th Edition.

401(k) account designed for employees

15-minute online signup process

Check your balance or change your contributions online at any time

Support for loans and hardship withdrawals

Free incoming and outgoing qualified rollovers

Ongoing email and phone support

Investment advising services

Automated investment advising and portfolio rebalancing

Financial literacy training and resources

Access to low-cost index funds and 30,000+ fund options from Charles Schwab, Vanguard, BlackRock, Fidelity, etc.

3(38) or 3(21) fiduciary status to protect your assets

Investment advising and fiduciary status are provided through Human Interest Advisors, LLC

Our model is designed very intentionally to do three specific things:

Make it affordable for employers to offer a 401(k) without hiding any fees in the fine print.

Keep fees low for employees, in addition to providing advising, so they can save as much money as possible.

Charge enough so that we don’t cut corners in the administration and security of your 401(k).

We’re in it with you and your employees for the long haul: just as saving and investing should be!

Low-cost 401(k) with transparent pricing

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