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Amazon DSP and Human Interest 401(k) frequently asked questions

As the recommended 401(k) provider for Amazon DSPs, we’re excited to partner with you to deliver retirement benefits to your hard-working team. Find answers to your frequently asked questions below:

Reimbursements and billing  

1. What does Amazon require of DSPs to qualify for reimbursement?

Reimbursement qualifications are communicated on the Personal Compensation Statement (PCS). DSPs have the option to provide more favorable terms in an effort to retain and recruit top talent. Reimbursements will be made based on the minimum criteria set forth on the PCS. Amazon will not reimburse the difference between the minimum requirements for reimbursement and more favorable terms set by the DSP.

2. How does Amazon calculate reimbursement amounts?

Amazon’s reimbursement calculation method will be the same for all DSPs irrespective of the plan parameters selected. Amazon uses the elapsed time counting method to determine the portion of employer contributions that are eligible for reimbursement. 

3. What needs to be included in my 401(k) plan design to be eligible for reimbursement from Amazon?

The reimbursement requirements are listed in your Personal Compensation Statement. Human Interest has a variety of plans designed to meet the requirements while offering you options to provide benefits to your employees. 

4. What fees will Amazon reimburse?

For all DSP staff - drivers, dispatch, HR, etc.:

  • All Human Interest SaaS fees

    • $120 + $4/employee if Paycom or other payroll users

    • $120 + $5/employee if ADP payroll user

  • A percentage of the match

Any Paycom integration fees (there are no ADP integration fees charged to the DSP)

5. What DSP fees will Amazon NOT reimburse?

Amazon will not reimburse:

  • Non-DSP employees (if you own other businesses and have other employees)

  • Non-DSP entities = $120/month for each entity + $5/employee for ADP payroll users; $4/employee for Paycom/other payroll users

  • Asset-based fees also known as the Human Interest Advisory Fee (per industry standard - they are deducted from participants’ balances according to the Terms of Service for your plan)

  • Audit fees

  • Fund fees

  • Termination fees for conversions (if applicable). (Human Interest reimburses up to $2,000 in termination fees.) 

6. How and when will Amazon reimburse me?

Amazon will reimburse DSPs on a monthly basis. We will send you a reimbursement statement each month after you are invoiced for the previous month. This statement provides the amount we expect Amazon to reimburse you for that month. After reviewing the statement, Amazon will send your reimbursement for that month within 60 days. 

7. Is the reimbursement program for all employees of the DSP, or just delivery associates? 

All W-2 employees for the company can participate, not just delivery associates.

8. When will I receive my invoice from Human Interest? 

Invoices for administrative fees are emailed to the billing contact on file for your plan roughly 7 days after the end of the month. 

9. When are funds removed from my bank account?

Human Interest schedules these fees to be debited from the client’s bank account roughly 3 days after invoices have been emailed to clients.

Plan design 

1. What are the plan design requirements from Amazon to get fully reimbursed?

Reimbursement qualifications are communicated on the Personal Compensation Statement (PCS). DSPs have the option to provide more favorable terms in an effort to retain and recruit top talent. Reimbursements will be made based on the minimum criteria set on the PCS. Amazon will not reimburse the difference between the minimum requirements for reimbursement and more favorable terms set by the DSP.

2. What is a vesting schedule and how is it calculated? 

A vesting schedule defines the length of time it takes for an employee to earn the employer contributions that have been deposited into their 401(k) account. 

Employees will vest employer contributions based on the time elapsed from their date of hire if they are still employed, regardless of how much they work during that period. 

3. Do I have to select a safe harbor plan?

You are not required to have a safe harbor plan to qualify for reimbursement. Human Interest, offers a variety of options. There are certain benefits to enrolling in a safe harbor plan, including waiving the requirement for annual compliance testing. You should consult Human Interest on the options for various types of eligible 401(k) plans to select the plan that is right for you.

4: Does the 401(k) meet the requirement of offering a retirement plan in my state? 

Yes. If you’re based in a state where it’s a requirement of employers to offer a retirement benefit to their employees (or else they’ll be enrolled in a state-run retirement program). 

The Human Interest 401(k) fulfills the requirements in any state. There’s usually an exemption form that an employer must go through to document they already offer a plan and are exempt from the state plan.

Employee eligibility and participation

1. Who is eligible for benefits from this plan?

Any W2 employees that meet the eligibility requirement can participate in the plan and qualify for this benefit, including reimbursement of plan fees and employer contributions. DSPs should ask their retirement benefits provider for specifics on who can receive benefits based on the type of plan they select.

2. What if my employees don’t want to participate in a 401(k) program?

Employees can always opt out of auto-enrollment if they desire.

3. What happens to an employee’s 401(k) account after employment is terminated?

Talk to Human Interest about options for employees who leave your employment.

Typically, within a week after the employee's termination date, Human Interest will send the terminated employee an email outlining their options for their funds, and how to continue to access their account with Human Interest. The email is sent to both their primary and backup email addresses on file with Human Interest and provides instructions on how to initiate a distribution or rollover from their account. Learn more here.

4. What happens if an employee leaves one DSP to work for another DSP?

Vesting and eligibility timelines will restart if an employee of one DSP moves to another DSP. There is no option for “tenure transfer” from one DSP to another.

DSPs launched prior to November 1st 2022 

1. I enrolled in a 401(k) plan through Human Interest in September or October of 2022. Is my plan still eligible for reimbursement?

Yes. DSPs will get reimbursement for all plan designs launched in 2022. Plans launched in 2022 are eligible for reimbursement beginning in October 2022 and continuing indefinitely. 

2. I enrolled in September or October of 2022. What changed since I enrolled?

Amazon’s reimbursement requirements and amounts have not changed. If you signed up for a plan with Human Interest, that plan is still eligible for reimbursement. 

Since the launch in September, Human Interest has developed additional plans that may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while maintaining the same reimbursement amount. If you would like to change plans, Human Interest will adjust your plan at no charge.

3. I enrolled in September or October of 2022. If I adopt a new plan, how will my employees be impacted?

Any employee who was eligible to participate in your current plan design will be eligible for whichever vesting schedule and eligibility criteria benefit them most. Employees who become eligible to participate after 1/1/23 will be subject to the vesting and eligibility requirements active in the plan at that time. 

4. I already have a 401(k) plan with another vendor. Can I stay on that plan in 2023 and still receive reimbursements?

Yes, if you already have a 401(k) plan or start a new 401(k) plan with a vendor other than Human Interest, you still qualify for reimbursements as long as the plan meets the reimbursement criteria established on your PCS. You will receive reimbursements on a quarterly basis starting in the first quarter of 2023. 

You are eligible for reimbursement of administrative costs up to the equivalent cost of administrative costs of a 401(k) with Human Interest, calculated at the sole discretion of Amazon and its reimbursement plan administrators. You are also eligible for reimbursement of matching contributions up to the amount stated on your PCS. Depending on your plan provider, you may be required to submit documentation demonstrating your payment of both administrative fees and employer-matching contributions. Amazon announced at Ignite Live that they will provide reimbursement for plans offered through vendors other than Human Interest only through the end of 2023.

Human Interest

1. What are the benefits of setting up a 401(k) program through Human Interest?

DSPs may opt to set up their benefits with any qualified vendor. Amazon worked with Human Interest, a leading provider of retirement benefits, to develop a streamlined solution for reimbursement. DSPs who set up their 401(k) benefits program through Human Interest will maximize their reimbursements and benefit from monthly payouts. Human Interest will also take the administrative burden of reporting costs and reimbursement amounts to Amazon directly - so DSPs don’t have to find/report administrative costs nor calculate employer match reimbursement amounts.

2. Who should I contact at Human Interest with specific questions about my retirement savings plan?

Any questions about retirement plan parameters (e.g. default contribution percentages, availability of loans, who can participate) should be directed to the plan administrator. Human Interest has a support line and email for DSPs.