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Learn how a 401(k) plan can help you drive success for your business.

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Benefits for DSPs

A Human Interest 401(k) can help you:

  • Recruit top talent with a competitive benefits offering.

  • Engage and reward your current employees, helping reduce turnover.

  • Maximize tax savings for your business.

  • Comply with state legislation requiring employers to offer retirement plans.1

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All-in-one 401(k) solution

Affordability. Our transparent pricing model has no transaction fees.

Ease of use. Our simple, intuitive interface enables customers to sign up within minutes and navigate to built-in tools and resources.

High-touch service. With our Concierge plan, a dedicated contact guides you from contract renewal to ongoing plan monitoring.

Ongoing education. DSPs and DAs have 24/7 access to our Learning Center and financial wellness tools. Enrollment webinars in English and Spanish.

Integration. Our solution integrates with over 400+ leading payroll providers.2

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Comply with retirement legislation

Across the country, several states are requiring employers to offer retirement benefits.

Starting a 401(k) can help you comply with legislation and avoid costly penalties. We can help.

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Resources about small business 401(k) plans

Are 401(k) plans required?

See if your state requires employers to offer a retirement savings plan.

Read about state laws

Investment philosophy

Employees can access mutual funds in every major asset category.

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How to start a 401(k) plan

How small businesses can start and manage a 401(k) plan.

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What is a state-sponsored retirement plan? Human Interest, 2022.


Refer to for a list of integrated payroll providers.