Human Interest supports Build Back Better retirement legislation

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The retirement savings crisis is one of the most critical problems in our country, as nearly half of American private sector workers don’t have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. The Retirement Subtitle of the Build Back Better Act addresses these challenges by eliminating employee barriers and increasing employer benefits.

Human Interest wholeheartedly supports this legislation. As a leading provider of 401(k) plans to small and medium-sized businesses, these efforts align with our mission to improve retirement access by requiring almost all employers without employer-sponsored retirement plans to automatically enroll their employees in IRAs or 401(k)-type plans.

Build Back Better Act, if passed, would reform the retirement industry by:

  • Providing nearly universal retirement plan access for low- to moderate-income workers.

  • Reducing coverage gaps to strengthen retirement security for millions of Americans. 

  • Incentivizing low-cost, well-designed plans that aim to increase employee participation.

Build Back Better, together

Read our full statement on the Build Back Better Act.

Helping us close the retirement savings gap.

Many small businesses don’t offer retirement benefits today because legacy products are often prohibitively expensive and difficult to use. Human Interest exists to eliminate these barriers. We make it easy for employers to offer a 401(k) plan that’s accessible and affordable. But we recognize more needs to be done. We urge Congress to swiftly enact the Retirement Subtitle of the Build Back Better Act into law. Let’s close the retirement savings gap together.

Human Interest is a leading retirement benefits provider for small and medium-sized businesses 

Founded in 2015, we are on a mission to ensure that people in all lines of work have access to a more secure financial future. With more than $1 billion in assets under management, we work with 5,000+ businesses nationwide and offer a complete 401(k) solution with clear, affordable pricing that’s easy for employers and employees to use.

We believe that everyone deserves access to a secure financial future, which is why we make it easy to provide a 401(k) to your employees. Human Interest offers a low-cost 401(k) with automated administration, built-in investment education, and integration with leading payroll providers.

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